Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer Work

I qualified as a teacher a year ago and was very lucky to find work for a year in a school. The position was not permanent and I am looking again for September. This means although I have long summer holidays I don't get paid and as I hope to work in education again come September I don't want work with any permanence.

So, to finance myself and keep myself entertained I work at summer camps. There are loads out there, from local camps to residential camps in the most wonderful of places. As a teacher I work in educational summer camps or schemes, but it doesn't matter if your background isn't in education there are plenty of different in positions available.

I get my food and accommodation covered and get to spend my free time in one of the most beautiful places around. It is something I love doing, I get to meet new people and get to do some nice touristy things in my free time. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a frugal holiday this summer. You can work locally, nationally or internationally. Now, most camps will have filled up on staff (but you never know, it can't hurt to ask and even just get on the radar for next year) but if those long leisurely summer afternoons are actually a lot more boring than you intended this is definitely something to think about for next year

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